Do Not Smoke, Eat or Drink

Under Government transport regulations, smoking is not permitted on buses. The consumption of food and drink (including chewing gum) is also not permitted.

Welcome aboard

Our friendly buses will enable you to go shopping, to work, to school or social events, quickly and comfortably.

Information about services we operate are available from:

  • Onboard all buses
  • Our bus depot
  • Local Information centres

Finding a Seat

The sooner you find a seat, the sooner the bus can continue its trip. So find a seat quickly, but please leave the front seats vacant for elderly and disabled customers who may board after you.

Signal Your Stop in Advance

Let the driver know you want to get off by pressing the Stop request buttons as you approach your stop. The bus driver will pull over at the first stop he or she can safely use after you request your stop.

Weekend and Holiday Servics

Edwards Coaches services do not operate on Sundays or Public Holidays.

Strollers and Guide Dogs

Folded strollers will be carried free. When accompanying blind or deaf passengers, guide dogs may travel free on all buses.

Please Take Your Belongings with You

Edwards Coaches is not responsible for articles left on the bus, so it's important that you gather all your belongings before you exit the bus. If you find something that has been left behind, please give it to your driver. If you lose something on Edwards Coaches call our Lost Property Section on (02) 6772 3116 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.


Bus passengers are asked to assist by making the seats at the front of the bus available for elderly or disabled travellers.

Tickets and School Passes

Tickets are issued for all full fares. Please ensure you retain tickets for inspection.

To obtain a school bus pass, apply at your school. Lost or mutilated passes may be replaced at our office.


Should you wish to comment on a particular bus or driver, please note the registration of the bus for identification purposes.


Please tender the correct fare on entry to the bus to avoid unnecessary delays. Children 15 years and over are required to pay adult fares unless travelling to or from school. Proof of age may be required. Concession passes must be shown to the driver or full fare will be charged.

School Services

For information about our school timetables, bus routes and maps, please click here. Adults will be carried on all buses.

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